Brisbane Colorectal first started at Mater Private Clinic in July 2001 with Dr. Andrew Bell and Dr. David Schache as founders. Drs. Bell and Schache set up the practice and provided surgical care to patients at Mater Private Hospital for over 14 years before Dr. Schache retired in December 2015. Dr. Schache was a mentor to training and junior surgeons at Princess Alexandra Hospital during this time, including Dr. Slack and Dr. Gillespie amongst others. He is well known to surgeons around Queensland and Australia/New Zealand. David is now fully retired but enjoys tennis, cycling and travelling along with spending time with his grandson.

In April 2017, Dr. Bell retired from clinical practice but continues to perform medicolegal assessments as he has done for many years. Dr. Bell held position as Director of the Colorectal Surgical Society of Australia & New Zealand as well as previously working both at Princess Alexandra Hospital and Mater Public Hospital. Andrew now is enjoying more time with his 7 children and looking after his bees.

Dr. Gillespie started working at Brisbane Colorectal in May 2014 and Dr. Slack joined the practice in March 2015. Drs. Gillespie and Slack aim to continue the high level of care that Drs. Schache and Bell provided over so many years. Former patients of Drs. Bell and Schache are able to have continued care with either Dr. Slack or Dr. Gillespie and this is facilitated by our shared system of medical records.


DR. Chris Gillespie


DR. Tim Slack


Dr. Andrew Bell

Dr. David Schache

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